Coco Bambu

On the last Father's Day, I went with my family to Coco Bambu - Analia Franco. It's a restaurant specialized in seafood, which, I must say, surprised me. I am not exactly fan of seafood, but I was forced to surrender to this restaurant.

The atmosphere is very good. There are two floors, with more than one environment - at least on the lower floor. I was on the ground floor, in the back, where there are big tables. There, the low lighting gives a warm feeling, well familiar, and they have round tables for ten people, which, for me, it's a strong point, since you can see and chat with everyone.

The waiters were friendly and helpful - they even got us more chairs when we needed it. Impeccable treatment. The only problem was that the food took a while to come - it wasn't a stressful delay, but it wasn't the fastest restaurant ever.
The delay, however, was compensated for the taste.

As we were eight, we ordered three plates:

(1) Camarões aos Quatro Queijos, which is, basically, shrimps with four cheeses sauce and white wine, served with rice and potato straw.
(2) Camarões Grelhados, shrimps with garlic and parsley in olive oil, served whith by rice and vegetables.
(3) Camarão Mediterrâneo, smothered shrimps, served with white sauce and rice.

As you can see, my family loves shrimps. My favourite plate was Camarão aos Quatro Queijos, thou.  The sauce was incredibly tasty. I think is something about the white wine. By far my favorite - I actually served myself with Camarão Mediterrâneo and put the sauce Four Cheeses on top of it.

The menu says that these first two dishes serve two people. As everyone took some out of the three of them, I can't tell if it serves more than two people or not. I would say they don't serve more than three.

The third dish, however, serves four people . It looks like a risotto - the shrimp comes with rice. It's  really tasty and serves well. Probably the best option among the three dishes in the cost-benefit issue.

A positive point (at least for me) is the juice jar. I'm in love with juices, so I'm always angry with tiny glasses costing nearly R$ 15.00. Only thing I did not like was the Piña Colada I ordered. Particularly, I just like sweet drinks (me and my child's mouth) and Piña Colada was way too bitter for me. I never asked for changing, as I have done elsewhere. I tried putting little sugar, but I didn't work. I ended up asking a juice soon after.

Finally, the best part of every meal: dessert. Our table was a festival of desserts, because the menu is huge. At least twenty different desserts - it's quite hard to choose. Maybe that's why I ended up in the classic Papaya Cream, my favorite. It was very good: it couldn't go wrong anyway.

My family, more adventurous than I, asked for Almonds Petit Gateau, which was delicious  (I stole a piece from my sister, judge me) and the classic Chocolate Petit Gateau (I didn't taste, but in the words of my cousin, It was deli).

As for the price, the food cost on average R$ 150.00, which would give an average price from R$ 60.00 to R$ 80.00 per person. I'm not sure of all prices, because I ended up looking  just shrimps, but there were other options on the menu (meat, fish, among others) and I do not remember the average values ​​for these dishes.

There are several units of this restaurant around Brazil, just check here. For units in São Paulo, you can make reservations by Restorando.

The Analia Franco unit, in particular, will not make reservations for Sunday. If the idea is to have lunch there that day, go early because the restaurant fills up and the wait is long, as in any good restaurant in São Paulo. When I went, we arrived around 11:45.

Either way, highly recommended restaurant.

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