When I was in Chile, in February of this year, me and Martin, my friend from Argentina, we decided to go to the theme park Fantasilandia, in Santiago. I was crazy to go right from the moment I saw the pictures. Martín tries to look cooler most times, but he couldn't say no because he had never been to a Theme Park.

Considering the references we saw, I was not expecting a lot. Especially by the time we arrived: Fantasilandia was inside a normal a park, the O'Higgins Park. I was wondering that it would be one of those parks with childish toys.

It was a really good surprise, thou. Fantasilandia is well current - when we went, it actually had new attractions, which means that there is still a concern with the attractions, i.e. no old toys.

There're attractions for everyone - those with water that get you wet until upside down roller coasters. A strong point's they actually tell you the target audicience for each attraction, featuring the levels of adrenaline that it generates (Eeectrifying, moderate and childish).

As the park was relatively empty that day (we were there on a Friday out of the holiday time), we try to go to all of actractions (except the children's area, because, for obvious reasons, we couldn't get in), but, clearly, the most electrifying ones called us all  time.

Martín fell in love with Raptor, a roller coaster that turns upside down. I believe that we've been there about three or four times, or maybe more. I don't really remember the quantity - what I remember is Martín deciding that, before we leave, the last actraction we would go was the Raptor, since it was the best of all and we should close the day with a golden key.

Raptor is sensational indeed. Even though I'm so in love with theme parks, I had never been in an upside down roller coaster, so I was almost as crazy about that as Martin. Still, my favorite was the Boomerang, which it was like a looping back and fore.

Either way, both Raptor and Boomerang were our TOP2. All others were good, but these two were unbeatable. Beside them, one of our favorites was Tren Minero, which is another roller coaster, but a little more traditional.

We ended up going just once in Tren Minero, because it had one of the biggest rows. Nothing too much, however; at most, ten minutes. The good part of waiting, thou, was that we got to know two chileans brothers, who, after that, accompanied us during the rest of the afternoon. It was fun to have more people to share the park - even better: they both were crazy about Raptor and Boomerang.

Another atraction that is worth mentioning is Air Race. It's also in electrifying category: you come in a spaceship that reminded me a lot Buzz Lightyear. There are several ships in a circle. Basically, you're spun around the centre of the toy, but the ship goes up and down at the same time in which it turns upside down. Talking like that, it seems a little cloying, but it is very good.

Unless you have weak stomach.

Kamikaze and Evolution are classics, so I don't need to talk much further but confirm that there's also a version of them in Fantasilandia.

As for the price, the entire entrance costs 13.000 Chilean pesos, which, at the time that I was the, it was something around 20 dollars. It was not exactly cheap, but it's the price of theme parks. In fact, compared to Hopi Hari, here in São Paulo, it's cheaper and way better.

We took food from home and it was okay to get in. In addition to the snacks that we took, we ate hotdog too. Like all theme parks, there're several kiosks with the junk food (hotdog, hamburger, popcorn and so on). There's a restaurant too, but neither I nor Martín are responsible adults concerned about decent food, so I can't tell if it's good or not.

Anyway, I only have good things to talk about Fantasilandia. Very well worth. If ever I go back to Santiago , I'm sure I'll get back there. Shall we?

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  1. Hey there!

    I went to Fantasilandia around the same time you did and I agree on most things. However, there's some information you might have forgotten to mention: the ice cream-stands don't offer a chocolateless option. That is unless you know someone able to cajole the sellers. Also visitors must be aware of Chileans when walking through the park, some of them will try to feed you here-comes-the-airplane-style and it can get pretty weird.

    Anyhow, I loved the article, keep it up! :)